10 signs that show that your cat loves you

10 signs that show that your cat loves you
10 signs that show that your cat loves you

Proud and independent, cats do not easily show their affection. However, their wild side sometimes gives way to demonstrations of love more than obvious: a purr here, a lechouille there … But if you still wonder if your cat appreciates you, learn to recognize some signs that do not deceive not !

1. He rubs his head against you

No, these are not head shots, but indeed proofs of affection. When your cat rubs his head against yours or against another part of your body, he drops pheromones. He makes you understand that he loves you and loves to be near you.  

2. He purrs

The purring in the cat is a sign of obvious well-being. If your cat purrs when you stroke him or is in your lap, it means he feels a sense of fullness at your side. In addition, purring is natural anti-stress as it helps slow the heart rate.

3. He slightly creases his eyes

When your cat slowly squints as he looks at you, it means he has full confidence and feels good.

4. It nibbles you

Be careful, chewing is different from biting! When your cat nibbles you slightly during a hug, it is a sign of affection.

5. He kneads you

Cats have kept this strange behavior from their childhood. Kittens, they had to knead the mother’s breasts with their paws to get the milk out. In adulthood, kneading is no longer related to food, but is more like a mark of affection. And the happier the cat, the more it will knead hard!

6. He shows you his belly

Like dogs, cats only show their belly when they feel confident. It is also the sign of ultimate submission: you are his master and he accepts it.

7. He raises his tail

We know that when a cat wags its tail, it means that it is angry or worried. On the other hand, a calm and calm tail means that he feels at ease. What is less known is that when your cat raises his tail when he sees you, and he has the tip slightly bent, he is happy and lets you know. It’s a dance of happiness, so to speak.

8. He offers you gifts

Cats with access to the outdoors often bring “gifts” to their humans. They are usually freshly hunted prey, dead or alive, they lay at the foot of the bed. This disgusting gift is actually a great sign of love. Your cat worries about you, does not see you hunt, and therefore takes care of feeding you. So nice…  

9. He licks you

When your cat licks your face, hair, or hands, it is a great sign of affection. This means that you are an integral part of his family. It can even happen that he sucks your ear, as he would with his mother.

10. He sleeps with you

Cats choose safe places to fall asleep. In fact, in the wild, cats are predators, but also prey and must always remain alert. If your little cat chooses to sleep with you or on you, it is a beautiful mark of confidence.

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