5 Techniques to massage your cat

This might seem strange to some people, but massaging one’s cat can have many virtues for both the animal and the human. Already, you strengthen the link that you have with your hairball by soothing. Then you improve your blood circulation while decreasing your blood pressure (purring has a strong de-stressing effect on the human body!). Finally, you monitor the health of your cat by detecting through the touch of possible injury or pain. In short, there is only good to massage your cat 5 to 10 minutes a day! To be sure to adopt the right gestures, follow these 5 massage techniques!

1. Start by massaging your head

To begin the massage of your cat, gently feel the place where he prefers to be caressed, usually the head and neck, making slight circular movements. The top and the back of the head, the contour of the ears and between the eyes are particularly appreciated areas of our feline friends. Be careful, do not try other manipulations, leave it to the osteopaths for animals!

2. Descend along his body

Gradually, go down all along the body massaging after the shoulders, flanks, buttocks, always describing small circles. In these areas, you can use the palm of your hand and apply light pressure (it was said light!). 3. Massage her belly The belly is a sensitive area in the cat, but if your cat is relaxed enough, it may be on your back for you to mass on the belly. Go gently, gently pressing your palms with your hand on his little can and his chest.

4. Try the paws

Some cats can not stand to be touched. However, the area between the pads is often difficult to reach for a cat, and only a good massage at this place will soothe possible itching.

5. Finish by the tail

The tail is also a very sensitive part of the body in felines. To massage your cat here, wedge the tail between your hands and gently slide your fingers from the base to the end. If you see that his tail starts to fluster, continue the massage on a part of the body more pleasant for him.

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