5 tips to follow absolutely so that dog and cat get along

5 tips to follow absolutely so that dog and cat get along
5 tips to follow absolutely so that dog and cat get along

When you love both dogs and cats and you want to reconcile these two preferences in your home, you can quickly fall on a bone. How to make the cohabitation between a cat and a dog go well and change the meaning of the saying “get along like dog and cat”? Here are 5 tips to make life easier with your two favorite hairballs. Cats that do not support dogs (or vice versa) are legion.

This hatred of the other obeys an ancestral instinct where, in the wild, dogs were predators of the cat. Our little cats have learned to be wary of this great carnivore. The means of communication of cats and dogs are so diametrically opposed that it is impossible for them to understand each other. The most striking is the beating of the tail which is a sign of joy for the dogs whereas it is a sign of nervousness in the cat. However, the differences between dogs and cats are not inevitable. It can sometimes be a little difficult to get things moving, but there are still solutions.

1. Play the mediator

When a new companion arrives in your family, it is very important to facilitate the meeting with your dog or cat. The best solution is not to confront them immediately, but to arrange a meeting sometime later inside a closed and neutral room. During this time, stay in the room and let them gauge themselves. Intervene only if you feel that the situation can really degenerate. During this time of confinement,

it is normal that the two animals have reactions tinged with suspicion towards each other, or even become violent. The whistling and spiky back in the cat, the grunting and the fangs in the dog can increase the tension. But, do not panic, everyone uses only the means of communication specific to their species. Basically, they talk to each other with different languages. If the situation calms down and after understanding that everyone’s intentions are not aggressive, you can leave the room and wear them out for a moment.

2. Do not feed them together

At first, it is necessary to separate the meals for your dog and your cat. Feed them at different times and in different rooms. Meals are very important times for animals and accepting that a newcomer, who is another species, is encroaching on their territory can take time. When the cohabitation between your two animals will be fully established, it will be possible to try to eat them both in the kitchen for example. A little tip to prevent your dog from coming to steal the food of your cat: put the bowl of the latter in height!

3. Do not create jealousy

The first times of cohabitation, be fair and equitable. The animal that already lived with you might feel abandoned if you spend too much time with your new friend. Give everyone time for one to one, then in the presence of the other little by little. They will get used to curbing their jealousy and accepting each other’s presence in the home.

4. Reward their efforts

With each effort, a reward. It is not easy for a dog or a cat, accustomed to its routine with you, to see disembark another animal which is more its worst enemy. It is therefore a matter of taking the time to notice the progress made and to encourage good behavior with a little treat. If your dog is in the immediate vicinity of your cat without grumbling, reward him. Do the same for your cat. As time goes by, they will understand that positive behavior is the best attitude to adopt when they are next to each other.

5. Let them get to know each other

The master does not have to play referees all the time. It is necessary that the dog and the cat learn to know each other quietly. If things go well, they can even build a very strong friendship. In the worst case, they will live side by side completely indifferent to each other. In any case, do not intervene in every little argument unless the danger to one or the other of your animals is palpable. It takes time for the instincts to calm down and let things happen naturally in the world is often the best solution.

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