How to educate a cat?


Let it be said, a cat does not educate himself like a dog. It will take a lot of psychology and patience to achieve any result. And above all, do not forget to always respect the very nature of the cat, which is actually a miniature fawn, on pain of annoying him and never finding a place in his heart. If you do not want your cat to have bad habits, it is necessary to make him understand from a very young age what are the rules that you have established at home. Here are the basic rules to enforce:

1. Learning about cleanliness

Normally, a kitten is immediately clean. But it can happen that small incidents occur, especially for cats ripped too early to their mother and not yet weaned. In any case, ensure that your cat litter is always clean and placed in a quiet and isolated place, away from food bowls and sleeping area. If you take your cat to the point of forgetting on your carpet, raise the tone by saying “no” in a firm tone and carry it to the litter box. Conversely, if you catch him in the right place, reward him with congratulations, hugs and treats.

In addition, it may be that the litter chosen does not correspond to your hairball and it will be necessary to change it

2. Scratches and bites

Even if your cat is the sweetest of animals, it can happen, during a game of games for example, that it claws you or bites you. In this case, stop the game immediately and say “no” angry. If it starts again, repeat the operation. In any case, it is useless to dispute it violently and even less to hit it. Indeed, the cat does not understand the concept of punishment. He would see in you only a wicked person who wants him harm and in whom he can not trust. A small trick for your cat to not associate your hand with prey is to never play with him using your hand as a toy. Prefer to use a toy attached to the end of a string that it can chew as it pleases.

If you catch your cat clawing on your couch or curtains, it is because he tries to mark his territory by depositing on your furniture hormones contained in his legs. To remedy this, opt for a scratcher against which you can rub catnip or olive to attract your cat.


3. The orders

We are sorry to disappoint you, but we will never be able to hope that your cat instantly obeys your orders. You can teach him some tricks such as walking on a leash or doing his needs directly in the bathroom, but it will require a golden patience and the result will not be guaranteed depending on the character of your cat. If you have a really docile cat, you can always try to teach him some tricks but beware, this must always be fun for him.

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