How to know if a cat is having a nervous pregnancy?

How to know if a cat is having a nervous pregnancy?
How to know if a cat is having a nervous pregnancy?

Like women, cats can have a nervous pregnancy if they are not sterilized. They think they are expecting little ones when they are not, and their bodies will change in preparation for a future birth. A nervous pregnancy can have serious consequences on the health of the cat, hence the importance of knowing how to distinguish the first symptoms as quickly as possible.

How is a nervous pregnancy?

Pussies, like all animals, have a strong breeding instinct. In order to prepare the body for a possible pregnancy, they generate progesterone, a hormone that acts particularly after the heat (about 3 to 6 weeks later). Even if the cat has not been fertilized during its heat, progesterone can still be released in the body of the latter and prepare it for a false pregnancy. Nervous pregnancy is rather rare in the cat but is however more common in the bitch. However, it is better to be cautious and be attentive to any sign or unusual behavior in your feline!

The symptoms of a nervous pregnancy

If you notice one or more of these symptoms in your cat or if you observe unusual behavior in her, go to your vet immediately:

  • increased appetite
  • isolation
  • swollen udders
  • milk risers
  • belly swelling
  • vaginal secretions

What to do?

If your cat has the symptoms of a nervous pregnancy, the danger is particularly at the level of her breasts. In fact, the cat produces milk, but since no kitten can suck, the milk may harden and accumulate in the udders. This accumulation can then cause mastitis, an infection that gangrene udders. In this case, the veterinarian will prescribe antibiotic treatment, or even have to remove one or more of your cat’s breasts. Hence the need to react quickly! To avoid any incident, it is better to sterilize her pussy. This is the only way to avoid nerve pregnancy. In addition, this allows extending the life expectancy of his cat. Indeed, sterilization can eliminate the risk of breast tumors or infections of the uterus, often fatal to the cat.

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