How to know if my cat is cold: 3 signs that do not deceive!

Cats, at least most of them, have fur that makes them more resistant to the cold than us humans, it’s a fact. However, they can not stand to spend the night outside when the temperatures are freezing, and even less when it snows. In winter, in particular, humidity is the number one enemy of our feline friends, more than the cold itself. But cats can also be cold, or even cold, when the indoor temperature is not high enough. In this case, it may be necessary to mount the heater, and too bad for the savings! Find out when to turn on the thermostat. Note that naked cats (Sphynx, Donskoy, Peterbald), kittens, elderly cats or sick cats are more sensitive to cold.

1. He puts himself in position “meatloaf”

You may have already seen your cat adopt this strange position: when he goes to bed, he folds his paws under his belly and wraps his tail around his body so that nothing exceeds. This position, which is called “meatloaf” because of its similarity to this dish, indicates that the animal is cold and tries to keep its heat so as not to cool down.

2. He shudders Like us

cats can quiver when they are cold. This is especially the case when they are exposed to drafts or when they are wet. For this reason, it is essential to think about drying your cat well when he comes back from his walk in the rain or in the snow.

3. It gets closer to heat sources A cold cat tends to seek heat wherever it is.

Thus, he prefers to nap, see on the radiator but also on the computer, near the fireplace, on surfaces heated by the sun, under blankets or even glued against his human. Most of the cats are from the most deserted areas of the planet. Thus, they learned to easily spot the hottest areas of their territory (ie your home) to warm up when needed. In this sense, do not worry if you observe your cat lying on the radiator, his skin can withstand a temperature of nearly 50 ° C. On the other hand, watch him as he approaches the fireplace …

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