The 5 smallest cat breeds in the world

The 5 smallest cat breeds in the world
The 5 smallest cat breeds in the world

Of course, the dream of any cat owner would be never to see grow his kitten so that he remains as cute all his life. Unfortunately, it is not possible! So, for those who are really fans of everything small, these 5 breeds of the smallest domestic cats in the world are made for you!

1. The Singapura

Known to be the smallest cat breed in the world, the Singapura has an adorable round head and big almond eyes. It weighs between 1,8 and 2,7 kilos and measures 25 cm. He is a very active and affectionate feline, and is considered an excellent hunter. If you want to adopt one, it will still cost between 800 and 1 500 euros.

2. The Munchkin

Short on legs, the Munchkin measures about 30 cm and weighs between 2 to 5 kilos. Very sociable and particularly endearing, this little cat with the character of kitten is a formidable companion of life. He can not jump very high, but is on the other hand very fast and agile. Count around 1000 euros to adopt a Munchkin kitten.

3. The Korat

Originally from Thailand, the Korat is a cat with a blue dress and green eyes, known as a lucky animal. Very faithful, this cat is deeply attached to his human. With a great vivacity of spirit, he learns quickly and is one of those cats that we nicknamed “cats-dogs”. Measuring 25 cm and weighing between 2.5 to 4.5 kilos, this little lucky cat still costs 1,500 euros, approximately. 4. The Skookum Native to the United States, the Skookum is distinguished by its very short legs and curly fur. Coming from a cross between a Munchkin and a Laperm, this very playful cat that weighs less than 5 kilos is still not widespread in France.

5. The Cornish Rex

Weighing less than 5 kilograms and measuring 35 cm, the Cornish Rex is one of the smallest cats, even if it is the largest cat of this classification. Very popular for its curly fur, this cat is very endearing. His side of glue pushes him to follow his master everywhere, so he hates loneliness. Moreover, he loves talking with his humans and therefore does not hesitate to give voice whenever he can.

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