The 9 colors of the cat’s official dresses

Cats are animals known to possess a wide variety of colors and patterns on their coat. But did you know that there are actually 9 colors of official dresses? These 9 colors are plain dresses, without patterns, also called solid. Moreover, when the hair of the cat has stripes or spots, we speak of tabby dress.

1. Black

The fur is of intense black, without reflections, and united from head to tail. In addition, the eyes are golden or green.

The 9 colors of the cat's official dresses

2. White

The fur is of a plain and immaculate white. The eyes are golden, green, blue or minnows. In contrast, the majority of all-white cats are sadly deaf.

3. Blue

The blue color is actually a light gray pulling lavender. The eyes are orange or green

4. Cream

The color is pastel and pale, a mixture between white and red. And the eyes are orange.

5. Cinnamon

The cinnamon dress, or cinnamon, is of a brown-red color. In fact, it is very rare and is found especially in the Oriental Shorthair.

6. Chocolate

We are talking about brown or chocolate for this dress, which can be as light as it is dark. On the other hand, the hue must be united all over the body. The eyes are copper.

7. Lilac

The lilac dress is also called lilac. Indeed, the color is gray with a pinkish reflection. The eyes are copper.

8. Fawn

The tawny robe, or fawn, is of a pale beige color, even caramel.

9. Red

The dress is of a deep red or orange. Almost all red cats have a tabby dress. Moreover, they are often males!

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