Why do cute animals make us want to eat them?

Why do cute animals make us want to eat them?
Why do cute animals make us want to eat them?

Why do cute animals make us want to eat them? When you find yourself in front of a puppy, a kitten or even a terribly cute rabbit, do you experience this irresistible desire to touch it? Even to press it against you at the risk of suffocating it? Is this desire so strong that it is not uncommon to hear you say, “Is he so cute that I could eat him”? If so, you may think that it is only the desire to protect this little animal that makes you press it so hard against you. But the reality is somewhat different, according to the results of this study conducted by psychologists from Yale University …

Cute aggression or the need to crush the animal

In 2013, a study looked at a surprising topic: “cute aggression”. That is to say the need that some people feel to squeeze very hard, pinch, bite, even crush the animals (and even babies) they find too cute. Still, it would be more logical to want to treat a cute and helpless creature with sweetness …

The experiment consisted in measuring the level of “cute aggression” of the participants. For this, pictures of animals, sometimes funny, sometimes cute, sometimes neutral have been shown to them. During the viewing, the participants had to hold a bubble paper in hand, without being explained why. And every time they burst a bubble, it was interpreted as an expression of aggression. However, it turns out that many bubbles burst when cute images appeared … Indeed, in front of cute shots, people burst 120 bubbles on average, against 80 for fun shots and 100 for neutral shots.

How to explain this aggressiveness?

Do not worry, if you want to devour a kitten, it’s perfectly normal. Indeed, “cute aggression” is actually the norm, especially against baby animals. It is not reserved for psychopaths!   The reason ? The feelings inspired by such cute creatures are too intense, almost unbearable. This aggression then allows our brain to make us go down a little. Indeed, the positive energy that emerges from us is too difficult to control.

The brain then intervenes by adding a touch of negative. This helps to regulate the overflow of energy and to avoid feeling overwhelmed. On the other hand, another explanation raised by scientists is that cute animals make us want to take care of them and protect them so much that it causes frustration. Indeed, we are frustrated that we can not take care of it as much as we want. And this frustration leads to aggression. This explains why this feeling is even stronger when you can not physically touch the animal …

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