Why does the cat chase?

In recent years, the cat has been accused of being the first person responsible for the disappearance of the birds. In question ? His insatiable desire to hunt while most of them live in homes where food is self-service. His reputation as a killer has even triggered in some countries, such as Australia, eradication campaigns to preserve species that it would threaten survival … For the cat, as for all species of predators, the first function of hunting is to feed himself and his offspring. The cat hunts alone on the whole sequence. That is to say, he does not practice group exercise, like lions, where some fall back while others catch and kill for the benefit of the whole clan. Our tomcat sets his sights on the small preys he flushes, catches and consumes alone (except females with their young).

Depending on the season, the habitat, its motivation, experience and hunger, its choice will be on rodents, birds, reptiles or insects. His diet of carnivorous strict and his digestive system require him to distribute his meals in a dozen shots per day. A biological necessity that we try to respect by leaving to our domestic cat a distributor of croquettes available which delivers, for some, up to twenty rations per day. But if our kibble and pâté meet the nutritional needs of the cat, in nature, the cat must adapt his hunt to find the essential nutrients that his body needs. According to research surveys, cats that hunt consume 60 to 70% of small mammals (rodents, lagomorphs, etc.), 20 to 30% of birds and up to 10% of amphibians, reptiles and insects.

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The identification and compulsory registration of all cats in the Brussels Region

The identification and compulsory registration of all cats in the Brussels Region