Your cat likes to drop objects on the floor? That’s why !

your cat’s nasty habit of knocking down desks, dressers, and other tables all the things in them? As if he wanted nothing to embarrass him when he was lying down or even sitting down? Rest assured, your cat is neither mean nor crazy, nor pervert nor even sadistic! I must admit that when it comes to a pen, you find that the strange mania your cat has to drop objects is rather cute. However, when it attacks vases, crystal ashtrays or even your cell phone, it does not make you laugh at all …

1. Par pur plaisir

Une première raison qui peut expliquer un tel comportement chez votre chat est qu’il joue, tout simplement ! En effet, le fait de jouer avec les proies avant de les manger est un comportement instinctif chez nos amis félins.

Alors certes, votre chat sait qu’il ne mangera pas le crayon qui est posé sur votre bureau. Mais il a gardé le réflexe de le tâter un peu de la patte pour le faire bouger. Et le poursuivre si nécessaire… Chacun s’amuse comme il peut !

2. Pour attirer votre attention

Il est possible que votre chat renverse tout ce qui se trouve sur les tables pour attirer votre attention. En effet, il sait par expérience que cela vous fait réagir. Il n’hésite donc pas à user et à abuser de ce stratagème. Et si ça fait du bruit(comme un verre d’eau qui éclate en mille morceaux), c’est encore mieux.

In this sense, this behavior is more common in cats living indoors and bored all day. If in addition they do not spend a lot of time with their owner once he returned home, there is a good chance that they try to be noticed by dropping objects including.

3. Because he is curious

It’s a fact, the cat is a very curious animal. Especially when he is a kitten! He likes to explore his environment, especially with his paws. When your hairball sees an object that is not necessarily familiar to him on the table, she may want to touch it to try to identify it. Moreover, it allows him to make sure that, if it is a prey, the latter is indeed dead. It’s his hunting instinct that speaks!

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