Can my cat drink milk?

In the collective imagination, milk is the favorite drink of cats. We all have pictures of movies or cartoons of a hungry cat lapping with pleasure of sips of milk. But in reality, this drink is not really recommended for our little cats …

Milk can be difficult to digest for the cat

Like all mammals, cats feed on their mother’s milk when they are small. But once weaned, at the age of 2 months, this food has no place in their daily diet.

In fact, not only do they lose their ability to digest it because they no longer need it, but in addition milk can cause digestive disorders in some cats, such as diarrhea or vomiting. Others may even be allergic to lactose, redness and itching will then appear. If your cat is not lactose intolerant and loves milk, it is not advisable to give him 40 ml per day maximum. But above all, do not forget to always leave a bowl of fresh water nearby!

Milk consumption can lead to overweight

High calorie milk, when consumed in high doses, can cause weight gain in cats. If your cat is a milk addict, make sure to dilute his daily ration in water.

And most importantly, do not skimp on physical exercise if you do not want your cat to become too big because milk is considered a candy.

Kittens must not be fed on cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is particularly rich in lactose, but does not meet the needs of the kitten. Indeed, only cat’s milk contains the amino acids and essential fatty acids to the kitten. Goat or sheep milk is also not recommended. So, if you find one or more orphaned kittens, be sure to get only cat milk on the market.

And dairy products?

Cheese and yoghurt (fermented dairy products) contain less lactose than milk and are therefore more easily assimilated by the cat. A lactose-intolerant cat will be able to eat it several times a week, while a lactose-allergic cat will not tolerate these foods.

Be careful, the cheese is, like milk, very caloric. It is therefore advisable not to abuse it to avoid the problems of obesity.

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