Holidays: 6 solutions to keep your cat

Holidays: 6 solutions to keep your cat
Holidays: 6 solutions to keep your cat

Holidays: 5 solutions to keep your cat ,When you plan to go on a trip and have an animal, it is sometimes difficult to reconcile the two. An extended weekend or a few days of vacation in perspective and this question keeps coming back: “How are we going to keep the dog? This is a headache for a majority of pet owners. And since it is out of the question to give up his hairball, you dig your head to find a solution. Do not panic ! You are revealed 5 tips to keep your companion the time of your absence and so go on vacation serenely.

1. Call on solidarity

On the Internet, it is possible to appeal to individuals, but they are not professionals so plan a detailed list of care to follow. In exchange you can render a service to these people. Be careful if other animals live under the same roof, be sure that your pet will accept it.

The exchange between individuals for example is an original concept that will allow you to build relationships with new people and your pet will not be left behind! The principle is simple: when you go on vacation, a family keeps your pet on all fours. When the other family goes on vacation, it will be your turn to keep your pets. If the experience went well, you will be able to reiterate this maneuver and this will allow your companion to feel well surrounded, familiar with this family and a different environment.

2. Special animal host families

There are foster families for animals. It will cost you between 15 and 30 € a day. Your pet will be well received and pampered. You can also choose the criteria of the host family such as the presence of children or not, other animals or not, etc. A saving of time not to neglect if you go at the last minute!

Do you want to have your dog kept full time by trusted people? There are host families who can be with your pet for the duration of your absence. Be careful, it is common for these families to already have one or more animals, so it is best if your four-legged companion is sociable enough to have fun with the rest of his classmates. Take the time to familiarize your pet with this host family to make sure it will not feel bad in your absence.

3. At home

Call on trusted people or a retired couple for example. Meet them and let them settle in your home during your absence. Thus, they will take care of your animal and it will not be disoriented, it will be a source of stress and less! At the same time, they can water your plants and deter thieves!

4. Pension, a solution of last resort

The pension can be a solution if you really do not know where to leave your pet. Here he will be housed in boxes, sometimes with other animals. He will of course be fed and walked regularly. However, your pet may be bored and stressed if he is not used to having people around him. This solution is therefore not recommended if your hairball does not support the presence of other animals.   It will cost you between 10 and 30 € a day. And above all, do not hesitate to visit the pension beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises.

5. The daily visit

If you do not want your pet to change environment during your absence, you can call on someone who will take care of your pet. Walking, feeding, cuddling, cleaning your litter, looking at your health … These are the tasks of your pet-sitter. And why not take the opportunity to water the plants! This visiting system is particularly suitable for students and is recommended for cats for a maximum of two weeks. It will cost you between 15 € and 20 € per day.

6. Take your pet with you!

Yes, it is also possible to plan your holidays by arranging to bring your pet with you! It may be an opportunity to diversify your vacation and your occupations during these so that there is also his account (walks …).

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