How to know if a cat is pregnant?

How to know if a cat is pregnant?
How to know if a cat is pregnant?

Your cat is not sterilized and has been engaging in unusual behavior for some time? She may be pregnant. In this case, it is important to take good care of her during the nine weeks of pregnancy. Only small problem, the cat does not begin to have a big belly significant of its state that once the pregnancy is very advanced, after about 4 weeks. Difficult then to notice. To make sure your kitten is expecting a lot of youngsters, here are the other signs that do not deceive.

Signs of pregnancy in the cat

The first really significant symptoms, because visual, appear only from the third week of gestation. Before that, the changes are almost insignificant, but changes in behavior can be observed.   At the behavioral level, the changes translate into:

  • A loss of appetite, accompanied by nausea, or on the contrary a bulimia.
  • A greater demand for attention, hugs, or on the contrary more fear.
  • The creation of a small cozy nest, in a wardrobe for example.
  • Fewer outings, especially at night.

At the physical level, the changes translate into:

  • A magnification of the breasts, which become bright pink.
  • Weight gain
  • An enlargement of the pelvis accompanied by a digging of the back.
  • A big belly hard.

Note that the feeding of the pregnant cat must be changed from the 4th week of gestation. Indeed, it is advisable to feed it with food for kittens, richer than its usual diet.  

Warning signs of farrowing

After about 9 weeks of gestation, your cat is ready to give birth to her little kittens. A few days before, your ball of hair will tend to isolate itself in a quiet corner and to moan a lot. Contractions in the belly will be visible and it will present vaginal discharge. In addition, its temperature will drop by about 1 ° C. In this case, you can choose to let her put down alone or take her to the vet if you find that she is suffering too much.

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